Previous site was simple that only allowed for search functions, we wanted to update the site to withstand a large number of images and cases. We asked for a site that could be accessed via both PC and smartphone.

In the human resource industry internet advertising and SEO are extremely important, even before any advertising had been implemented there was already an increase in site access that had previously not been seen thanks to J・Grip’s SEO talents.

The site could be easily updated without any previous knowledge in HTML, the system in place made it easy for us to update with a well thought out attention to detail. During production, J・Grip continued to support with efficiency and consistency.

After site creation, we continued to use J・Grip for ad management and other multiple services.


業種 HR/Outsourcing
職種 Sales & planning
従業員数 50 - 100 members
予算規模 1-3 million yen