Ideally, the best ad operations
are showing real results.
Ad solution Division, Account planner

Ad solution Division Account planner


Why I joined J・Grip

At my previous job,
I worked at a real estate company in charge of increasing customers through listing and SEO.
There were two reasons I decided to look for a new job.
The first was I wanted to expand my knowledge to other industries.
The second was that I wanted to widen my knowledge relating to web marketing.
At my previous company, the work was clearly divided into departments so it was difficult to learn new things.
When I heard of J・Grip, a small company that deals with a large range of services across many industries,
I decided that’s where I wanted to work.

The Work

I am currently in charge of all listing operations,
but I am also involved in various tasks relating to web marketing.
For example, I work with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Gunosy,
listening to the customers needs and making advertising plans that meet them.
After meeting with a client and understanding what they want to achieve,
I will share information with my team and we will come up with a plan for the best results.
Projects begin with ideas.
From there I will do everything from implementing ads to operations and communicating results and analysis directly with the client.

What’s been good?

Not only listing, but being able to challenge myself in new areas when proposing advertisement plans for a number of different products. It is always great when the results turn out better than expected. With listing,
it is always a pleasure to see results improve for clients,
using our analysis tools we continue to approach advertisement in new ways,
always for the better.
We have seen some great results for our listing ads, especially for big clients who implement on a long term basis.
In the beginning it was sometimes hard for clients to trust my opinion,
but over time and through good results I was able to provide significant data as proof.
It has recently come to light that customers will say “we feel assured to leave all our advertising plans to Mr Naito” which allows for other members to focus on other aspects.
J・Grip lets each member take control and really concentrate on the work at hand.
We will always work within a customer's budget,
but we continue to recommend new methods that will gain even better results.

What’s next

To be honest, I feel the same as when I joined the company,
I want to continue expanding my knowledge of web marketing.
Ideally I want to be an advertiser who can create a profit no matter what the client is asking for.
Of course, I am still a long way from this level, but since working at J・Grip I feel my ability has greatly improved due to the various clients I have been able to work with. I address each job with the utmost professionalism and am continually improving and working to a higher level.


09:00 Wake up
10:00 Get to work and check the running of all projects in operation
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Implenting and improving proposals
17:00 Meet with clients
18:00 Prepare new proposal & projects, create documents
21:00 Leave work
02:00 Sleep