Living to the full at work and at home,
strive to be a director of my own web planning team

Web planning Web planning division production director


Why I joines J・Grip

Before I joined J・Grip I was working in sales for a large industrial corporation.
I began thinking that if I am going to be spending 60-70% of my like working then I want to be doing something I not only enjoy but can improve myself in.
Working for a large corporation, I felt frustrated that my goals were not being met and no matter the work I was doing I would always lose out to seniority.
Especially as a woman working in an environment where I am expected to have goals such as marriage and childbirth, I felt I needed to be thinking more about my own career.
I chose J・Grip as I felt it would be a place where I could achieve these goals. It is a small venture company with great individuals, engaged in independent work and success.
I was not actually thinking about the type industry or line of work. However, the web industry is continuing to evolve at tremendous speeds, so to match my goals of wanting to improve myself quickly I felt it was the perfect fit.

The Work

Currently my work entails web direction. Creating websites, LPs, banners and other creative things.
I manage all items from hearing the client’s needs to planning and design of productions, preparing and meeting with the design team. I mostly am managing the creative team, but sometimes I work with partners and give advice on directions to take. I will also spend time following up on projects after they have finished.
For example if sites needed to be changed or updated, I will always be thinking of new things to propose to clients.
I feel that the work I do and the results I achieve can be seen through the sites I build and how they continue to exist online. I feel the strongest sense of accomplishment when I listen to customers needs and am able to provide results that they had not even expected. For example, when tasked with a full site renewal for a client, I configured the entire layout and implementation and saw a dramatic improvement in conversion thanks to the work I did.
The biggest challenge in web design is that you prove the results through numbers.

What’s been good

I believe there are not many companies where you feel all employees respect you and the work you do, however at J・Grip everyone has this mentality. As organizations increase there is a dynamic of people pulling and people being pulled. However at J・Grip there is not a single person who has this mentalitly.
Each and every member of staff is a professional with the mindset “I will not lose to anyone” working in a great team to achieve great results.
Because of this feeling, all staff have a sense of being in a leading role. When I first joined the company I felt my skill and experience were lacking, however after spending time here, I can now work on my own projects to my fullest potential. By putting in more effort and experiencing new things everyday I continue to improve and grow within the company.

What’s next

Now that I am married, there is a possibility of having children, even if that happens I believe J・Grip have created an environment where I am able to fulfil both dreams. The stance is that if you do the work that is required it does not matter how or where you do that work.
The organization is continuing to grow and the production team members is increasing, with that in mind I want to continue to grow so that no matter what project is asked of us we can do it.


08:30 Wake up.
10:00 Get to work, check emails and plan my day.
10:30 Contact clients, schedule management and create materials.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Designers meeting.
14:30 Updating and working on websites, preparing and finalizing materials.
16:00 Meet with clients.
18:00 Back to the office, manage schedule, plan the next projects.
21:00 Leave work.