The ideal is to work within a team
where every idea is cherished
and each member is flexible.

Marketing division Web consultant and sales


Why I joined J・Grip

My last job was doing promotion for films.
During my time there I would work a lot of TV publishers, newspapers and other media outlets,
my main work was creating relationships with media outlets.
Although it was the film industry, the need for web marketing was becoming more and more apparent.

Thinking about the future, I felt I wanted to know more about the web marketing business.
That’s when I first came in contact with J・grip. During my interview,
I was told about the ideals for future growth of the company
but the main thing that drew me to the company was being told “we value all our employees as family”

The work

At J・Grip we conduct reflection sales, after we receive inquiries we will then begin to make proposals designed specifically for customers.
I work on both existing clients and development of new ones, and rather than selling a specific product,
I will listen to a client’s problems and find answers to solve them.
The proposals I create are extensive and contain many if not all elements of web marketing.

In addition to listing, SEO, SNS and content marketing we also make web sites that help enhance the client’s marketing strategies.
At J・Grip each member has their own specific strengths but are all well versed in every aspect of the job.
I will go as a salesman but work on ad planning as well (clients can also speak with our ad specialists if they want).
With a varied amount of clients ranging from B2B, B2C as well as diverse industries, entertainment, cosmetics, travel, HR etc I am constantly changing my mind set to meet each specific client’s needs.
We work with small companies with few staff to large corporations.

What’s been good?

In many different ways J・Grip is ‘Freedom’.
We work with so many different industries and clients and are always getting a number of different requests,
however I have never said “we can’t do that”.
Including listing we work in every aspect of web marketing,
if the methods we are using are not the best then we will strive to find the best possible methods available to propose to our customers.
What I have found more important than the work is being able to not say to customers “I can’t do that”.
As a professional in this industry it is my job to “find a way” to meet any request.
Having the freedom to create proposals to achieve the best possible outcomes really makes working for J・Grip a rewarding experience.
J・Grip is also great when it comes to evaluating staff, if you are contributing to the company’s profits your salary will keep on rising. Which is why if you compare my wage now to when I first started, well you get my drift.
Another point, is that all staff are told by their employees to not overdo it and get the rest they need, so when the busy season comes around everyone is a peak fitness.
I feel it’s a trustworthy company.

What’s next

Asking me what my next challenge is, is a difficult question.
The truth is everyday I am challenging myself to do new things and always improve my work.
If I had to answer, I guess it would be to increase my team and work on how to manage them.
With all the experience I have gained working here, I feel that I have a wealth of knowledge to teach to my own team.

The best sort of teams are not bound by hierarchical relationships,
but built on each members ability to work together and succeed.
For that to happen, I really want to improve my own skills.


08:00 Wake up
10:00 Arrive at work, check my emails, check ad operation statuses and work on proposals
12:00 lunch time
13:00 Visit clients to propose or report (2-3 places)
17:00 Back to the office and prepare for next proposals, respond to emails etc
21:00 Leave work
24:00 Bed time