Being able to create something
with my team members
is the best part about work.

Web planning Chief designer


Why I joined J・Grip

Before joining J・Grip I worked with one other person in our own creative company, creating designs upon request. I decided to look for a job as I wanted to work within a team rather than just by myself.
At that time, I was mainly working through agencies rather than any direct requests from specific designers so could not propose my own ideas.
Which is when J・Grip offered me the opportunity to work for them.
I had had plenty of requests for design work from J・Grip so knew them very well.
From what I could see J・Grip was a company made up of 20 somethings, who really cared about the creative elements. Which is why, without hesitation I joined the company.

The work

From website, LP, banners and also paper media including leaflets etc,
I am tasked with the creative design side. The work generally entails brainstorming with the director of each project in house. The person in charge of each client will tend to find out what they are looking for, including planning design and how to increase results, and bring me a proposal.
All framework and layouts we decide together. I will then work from the plan to create web design, coding etc.

What’s been good

The best part is being able to create something with other team members.
Previously, I had always just done as agencies had proposed, but now I have the chance to give my own input and create great designs that I am proud of.
J・Grip’s clients are mostly the actual client and not agencies so working closely with the director of the project I am able to be as creative as possible.
I feel my biggest improvement since working at J・Grip is understanding the client’s needs and being able to create something that really fits their goals.
As clients can communicate directly with project leaders, we are able to implement design that really fit the client’s wishes. We always take the users opinion into consideration. In the web design community, a lot of the time designers will only work in a certain way and have their prefered designs, however at J・Grip our main goal is getting results and creating works aimed at target users.
For example, changing a certain colour scheme will give the user a better opinion of a certain brand. I was able to come to this conclusion and create designs to that level through working at J・Grip.

What’s next

First step is building up our web planning team so it is even better. At the moment, as the chief designer I am currently always, always busy! (lol)
As a designer, being able to create something for clients that is to a level that knocks them off their feet always brings me great pleasure. As the web design trends are always changing, I want to stay on top of my game so I don’t get left behind. On top of that I want to become even more knowledgeable in J・Grip’s strengths, such as SEO and listing. So with that in mind, as a designer I still have so much to improve on.


08:30 Get up.
10:00 Arrive at work and check the daily schedule, then I’ll start on the days web production.
14:00 Have lunch and read up on specialist books.
15:00 Continue production (2-4 clients).
20:30 Leave work.
21:30 Arrive home.
22:00 Eat dinner.
00:30 Sleep.