Media Insertion / Tie Up Optimal media selection, purchasing

What can we do for your business? Big reach in a short time

  • Do you want to reach a large amount of users?
  • Do you want to advertise on a large amount of portal sites?

What is Media insertion / Tie up?

Selecting net advertising that can reach the target and have a higher possibility of leading to purchases. We can also target certain media outlets for specific articles.


Large reach in a short amount of time

Purchasing through diverse sites

Creation of media plans that aim at your targets

How does J-Grip work with Media Insertion / Tie up

1. Creating a media plan that fits your budget

At J-Grip we will create a proposal that takes into consideration both your estimated budget for the plan and the overall goal of what you want to achieve with certain media. As well as targeting through specific media outlets we can implement YouTube and SNS advertising into plans, customizing for best possible results.

2. Tie-up article proposals

Having users read specific articles does not actual generate results. J-Grip strategically plans to carefully pick the right media to tie-up with for the best possible results, our hard thought out advertising proposals are created with each client in mind.