LINE Ads Platform (LINE advertising operations) Advertising through LINE Network allows for a large reach to active users

What can we do for your business?

  • Do you want to reach users who are currently not being targeted through other advertisements?
  • Do you want to approach a younger audience, especially teens and 20’s?
  • Do you want to approach smartphone users?
  • Do you want to retarget ads through other platforms not including Yahoo! or Google?

What is LINE Ad Platform?

With a very high percentage of users, it is possible to distribute to a wide audience on both LINE’s timeline and the separate LINE NEWS.
There is a possibility that there will be big changes and expansions to LINE ad distribution.
It is also possible to distribute to over 1000 media outlets at the same time through Hike Network. With the rapid growth of native ads, Hike Network is expanding its distribution continuously to responsive advertisers through media outlets.

What is LINE Ad Platform?

Distribution functionality (LINE ad platform June - September ver. 1.4)

LINE audience data distribution
※Possibility to advertise through LINE timeline and LINE NEWS.

Age: -14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-
Gender: Male/Female
Region: 47 prefectures
Interests: Over 20 categories including games, automobiles and travel
-Audience data is based on activity through LINE applications (stamp purchases, @follows etc)
-Information is based on statistics alone, identification and specification of individuals is not carried out and information will never be passed on to third party companies.
-Personal information such as; phone numbers, email, address etc is never shared.

Distribution target

OS: iOS/Android
Platform: App/Web
OS ver.: iOS 7.0-9.3/Android 4.0-6.0
Distribution surface: Web/App


Distribution to users who have visited such sites that contain segment tags. (Complete/partial URL match, designated/exclusive distribution, 10 upper limit segment tags)

Reverse Targeting

Distribute to users outside of the target segment
e.g. exclusive distribution to CV users.

CPA auto optimization

Determine optimal big price by click data
Budget optimization

CPC automatic optimization

Using click data to determine optimal bid pricing.

Budget optimization

Budget optimization

LINE Ads Platform features and effects A relatively new platform, improvements will continue to be made.

Reaching users that other SNS ads can not

LINE users are split 4:6 men to women, the main users are between 20 & 40 and the main users of timeline services are 10 – 30.

High rate of monthly active users (MAU)

Over 51 million timeline MAU.
Over 22 million MAU on LINE NEWS.

A serivce that will only continue to get better

As it is a relatively new service, when compared to other WEB ad services, LINE has a much larger reach with a lower click rate cost.

Various targeting methods

Possible to target a wide range of ages, gender, specifications and interests as well as through retargeting ads.
Targeting methods are continuing to develop to even larger reaches.

Industry types/products not eligible for LINE Ads

Criteria is as follows

・Religious articles
・Complex materials
・Health foods
・E-commerce cosmetics
・Beauty products
・Gambling related items

・Adult related items (adult/sexual merchandise, selling of sexual services, pornography, medicine and illegal drugs etc.)
・Dating services (Internet dating, marriage services, dating parties etc)
・MLM Pyramid schemes
・Private detective agencies
・Housekeeper, nursing services
・Cigerettes and affiliated items
・Sanitory items (contraceptives etc)
・Weapons, poisonous items
・Political opinions that do not meet the standards of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
・Publice benefit corporations, NPO/NGO etc
・Biomedical sales
・Funeral services
・Medical services, cosmetic surgery, whitening, hospital · clinics, items regarding specific diseases etc
・Consumer finance
・Bank card loans
・Medicine that does not comply with office LINE account
・Real estate agencies
・FX Financial Investment
・Crowd Funding
・Auction sites
・Matching sites
・Portal sites
・Information comparison sites
・Point sites (point service sites)
・LINE competitor sites (messenger apps, SNS apps, news curation, game and music apps etc)

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J-Grip operations using Line advertising

1. Since its operational release we have achieved great results using this service as an authorized distributor.

Line Ads Platform was released June 2016 and since J-Grip has been acting as an authorized distributor, creating advertising operations for clients and services. Even if you are not familiar with the platform we have the know how to create campaigns with winning effects.

2. Thorough utilization of infeed advertising

LINE requires ‘native ad’ imagery verification and regular review so ads are clicked by specifically interested parties. With our in-house creative team, we can speedily manufacture ads that generate the highest possible results through targeted users.

3. HIKE network guide

Aside from LINE, HIKE is another smartphone ad network, using HIKE to distribute ads to many great sites through LINE. As it is a different network to LINE the operations will change accordingly, at J-Grip we conform to both operations.