Facebook Ads Clear Attribute Delivery

What can we do for your business?

  • Do you want to directly approach Facebook users?
  • Do you want to create specific ads that target things such as work experience or education?

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook ads are ads that appear on Facebook news stream and to the right on both mobile and web. Ads are distributed to users in regard to keyword searches and website views as well as specific demographics.

What is Facebook advertising?

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads allow for very specific targeting, which makes the overall reach much more affective in finding the right users. Another point is through Facebook ad manager you deliver ads to Facebook affiliated sites, moreover being able to reach users outside of Yahoo & Google ad networks. The wider Facebook user network including Instagram etc increases reach and results

Facebook ads appear to like-minded people and target users with similar interests to friends.

Facebook Ad Features

Segment targeting not possible with other ads

Mind-blowing targeting demographics

Important to look into operation when increasing the results of ads

Retargeting ads also available on Facebook