Access Analytics Access analysis to maximize customer attraction

What can we do for your business? Rather than just simple analysis we will conduct thorough research into your content

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What is access analysis?

Using access analysis tools such as Google analytics and others to review visits, PV, UU etc. to analysis keywords and advertising. Based on research data we are able to fine tune and improve advertising for the most optimum output for your product or service.

What is access analysis?

Features of Access Analytics

Results verified through multiple methods

When implementing listing ads, SEO as well as affiliate programs etc. it is difficult to assess the effect of each component. By using the access analytics tool we are able to judge each component on its validity and success rate.

Increase the accuracy of PDCA cycle operations

By referencing data through access analysis we are able to improve the operations of listing ads. With the ability to understand in detail listing ads through its management screen will help accuracy of operations.

Using heat map analysis tool to analyze pages

By introducing a heat map tool to your page, you can visualize the movement of your users. You are able to read the movement of each individual and their mouse to pinpoint what improvement is necessary for your page.

Comparing competing sites

Implementing tools to compare your current state with other competing brands to strengthen and fine tune your operation to increase visibility and results.

J-Grip feature operations with access analytics

1. Google analytics settings implemented by our in house senior pro.

2. Proposal for increasing customers through advertising