CEO Message

Our company will celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in 2017. The company itself has become my life force, through many surprises and joy we strive to achieve. It is with a warm heart that I thank so many people who have worked with us up until now and helped shape us into the company we are today.

We are continuously looking for the most cutting edge promotion technologies and engines, using high performance and low prices to attract our clients. Implementing and continually improving our listing advertising, SEO consulting, and cost effective web site production.

We continue to provide top of the range services to develop your business into the best it can be. In addition, our advertising appeal that uses a pin-point target system for the most effective customer acquisition has helped us expand, our in-house development team continues to upgrade to the latest information specializing in a range of areas. As a venture company, we are always looking into new ways to improve not only the company but also each and every employee from new faces to management. We strive to establish ourselves as the number one organization in our field. In order to achieve our dreams we grasp every opportunity and aspire to great things through our minds.

As Yataro Iwasaki of Mitsubishi says “there is always a chance for human’s to encounter a golden opportunity. However through mediocrity it is missed. To really capture this, one needs insight and a clear mind, paying attention to detail and having the courage to catch it” Like Iwasaki we are continuing to embrace a big dream, working day-to-day with ingenuity and passion. Creating relationships with clients to build and improve not just the value of our company but us as human beings.
I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

CEO – Jiro Okukubo

Waseda University – Faculty of Law
Managed venture company Full Speed for 5 years and oversaw it listed on Tokyo stock exchange.
In October 2007 established and became director of “J.Grip”

Board Message
Exective officers Message

We are a web marketing company that works with varied clients across a number of industries.
Everything you need under one roof, from our web marketing team to operations we cover everything from advertising, creation, writing, data analysis, casting, PR, media construction to name but a few. All our customer needs are met in house through specialists.
Our organization is setup to support not only “What you want to do” but “what you should do”.
We pride ourself on understanding the client’s needs for what they really want and getting the best possible results. Each and every staff member knows their roles and fulfils all tasks to the highest quality.
We are constantly challenging ourselves to grow and adapt to new fields and concepts, expanding our business to work with and fulfill all our clients needs.

Managing Director – Noriyuki Tanoura

The fields of web advertising and web marketing we offer is characterized by how we are continually updated and advancing our policies, media and methods year by year. Our clients have gone from traditional advertising methods, ad networks and DSP to advanced marketing methods such as Facebook, Twitter, LINE and other social platform advertising strategies.
As new advertising media and methods are established it is important for us to keep up to date with all the latest improvements, we realize strategies for implementing winning tactics.
It is important to think objectively when implementing web marketing strategies, we strive to become a great partner for our clients with the goal of increasing results and sales.

Director – Wataru Naito

Techonological innovation is happening on a daily basis, in the competitive web marketing industry we are always thinking about our clients needs first. We strive to be a flexible company that can not be immitated by other companies.
Using a small team of exceptional staff across a number of fields we are able to propose, establish and implement strategies that think steps ahead for all our clients aims.
At J・Grip we are free thinking and innovative when looking ahead to the future, we aim to become partners with all our clients and grow together to obtain the best possible results.

Director – Kengo Goto

Company Profile
About Us

Company Name J・Grip CO., LTD
Address ■Tokyo Head Office 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-13-4, IDO Building B1F

■Fukuoka Office 〒810-0001 Fukuoka, Chuo-Ku, Tenjin 4-7-11, Fukuoka Claireville 4F
Contact TEL:03-5459-6068 FAX:03-5459-6113
Established 25/10/2007
CEO Jiro Okukubo
Managing Director Noriyuki Tanoura
Director Wataru Naito
Director Kengo Goto
Director Tomonori Miyauchi
Capitol ¥39,000,000
Reserves ¥19,100,000
Consultant Mori, Hamada, Matsumoto Public Accountant
Tax accountant, Taku Ebina Office
Business SEM
Creative (Website building・System architecture)
WEB (WEB distribution・management)


●JR Yamanote Line、Tokyu Toyoko Line、Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station West Exit – 10 min walk
●Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Shibuya Station Tokyu Department Store Exit – 10 min walk
●Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line Shibuya Station Exit 13 – 5 min walk